The Portfolio

Portfolio There are 12 RC (Resin Coated) prints 23×34,5 cm (9 x13.5 inches) in a very nice case (see below).Each photograph will be numbered and signed by Gerard Musy and I. Collectors Limited Edition 12 cases only. The first four cases available for $1200Price increase for cases 5-8 : $1400Price increase for cases 8-12: $1800…

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Find me on OnlyFans!

One good thing has come out of this pandemic. I have free time to pour through old masters and hard drives to find old footage to share with you. I created an OnlyFans account and thats where you will find my vintage content from years of running membership based websites. Join me HERE

Gwenmedia DVD Fan Box

As I begin to phase out my stock of DVD’s, I have created FAN BOX A, B and C of titles I have a larger supply of and selling them for $50 each box. These are prepacked and now available on my store, ready to ship USPS Priority shipping worldwide. Click HERE to buy one…

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Foot slaves wanted

Are you a foot fetishist, foot sniffer, dirty foot licker, shoe fetishist, trampling enthusiast, kick to the balls lover, etc? This is the event for you! February 20, 2020 I’ll be hosting a “slave to the foot” play party. MORE INFORMATION AND ADVANCED TICKET SALES ONLY BY CLICKING HERE. …. and MORE!

Virtual Tour of Ivy Manor Studios

While the Ivy Manor Studios is no longer open, have you ever wondered what it was like to walk through the halls of the Studios back in the day and take a glimpse into the dungeons?

Class: Service Top 101

Hudsy Hawn is returning to LA! Don’t miss Her class at DeMasK’s invOke studio! About this Event What makes a great Dom or Top? It’s not about the outfits, the attitude or how well one throws a flogger. It’s about “reading” the person across from you; the client or partner who’s offering their submission. Ongoing…

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Annual Ho Ho Ho Holiday Party

Hello Friends, It’s that time of year once again for my Annual Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday party and I am personally inviting you to join me. This year I will be hosting it at Demask DTLA. I will not be hosting the dirty Santa gift exchange but I will have a Dirty Santa there for lots of…

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Josh and Joe visit a Dominatrix!

Isabella gets a visit from Josh Peck (of Drake and Josh fame) and Joe Vulpis for a Episode of Josh and Joe do stuff. Sit back, enjoy the laughs and see what happens when two YouTubers step into a real dungeon!