My Proteges

Protege – pro·té·gé    (pro’t?-zha’, pro’t?-zha’) n.   One whose welfare, training, or career is promoted by an influential person. I  feel an obligation to the community and to submissive men around the  world to offer My expertise and insight in training the next generation of Top Dommes! I have just posted the next dates for the …

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Valentine’s Ball Follow Up

t was a good time…had by all. The event was held at the 740 club in downtown LA and it was impressively well suited for a fetish event. From the suspension hoists in the ceiling, tiered balconies and skyboxes for people watching, lots of bars and bathroom stalls for the women (trust Me, this is…

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  “The Package” NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD A package arrives at The Ivy Manor containing Isabella’s new CBT toy. Without hesitation, she opens the box to reveal the latex covered toy already assembled. Once bound and wired, Isabella puts it to the test. Includes: Bondage, Metal Claws, CBT, Electrical-CBT, cropping, Flogging, Trampling and more. Watch…

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Isabella Sinclaire is everywhere this Sunday!

If you are in LA and getting out on the town, you can find Me at a special Valentines’ weekend party. Tickets are available at  The Stockroom But…if your spending the night watching TV, you can catch Me on Spike TV’s show “1000 ways to die.”   See you around! ~Isabella