Demask DTLA is set to host Xbiz award winning educator, Ashley Manta for our Invoke Studios educational series.
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When it comes to sex acts, often oral sex gets all the glory, and hand sex gets relegated to a brief stop along the way to the main event. Not in this class!

Sex coach Ashley Manta will show you the art of hand stimulation (plus oral delights) for all genital configurations. There will be prop and live demos so you can see how these techniques work in practice! Ashley will also share some of her favorite stories about giving impromptu hand sex demos at play parties and the practical reason(s) she carries lube in her purse. And, of course, we will go through plenty of sexy oral techniques to thrill your partner, and how to work in those techniques with your newfound handy skills! You’ll leave with greater confidence in their techniques and lots of ideas to level up your intimate practices! Plus, all attendees will receive lube samples, an optional Sybian ride, and resources for folks who want to take an even deeper dive into pleasure!

Congratulations to XBIZ™ Sexpert of the Year, Miss Ashley Manta! 

We can’t wait to share your award winning skills with our students on Feb 8th at Invoke Studio.

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As a sex and relationship coach, Ashley Manta does more than geek out about the latest toys and techniques. She helps clients identify what’s holding them back from having empowered, pleasure-filled sexual experiences (solo or partnered!) and then works together with them to develop pragmatic, solution-oriented upgrades and workarounds. She is a communication nerd and often helps couples by acting as a conversational translator for those who struggle to feel understood by their partners.

Ashley has been a sexuality educator since 2007. She drew from her background in philosophy and began working as a victim advocate and crisis worker, giving her the tools to de-escalate difficult situations while offering empathy and compassion. She moved into the realm of sexual health, working at Planned Parenthood and gaining knowledge about safer sex and birth control. After moving to California in 2013, she worked as a phone sex operator where she learned the ins and outs of dirty talk and fantasy roleplay, which led her to write her first ebook–“A Feminist’s Guide to Phone Sex in 2014.” Since 2015, Ashley has become one of the leading experts on using cannabis to enhance and enliven your sex life — solo or partnered! She just finished writing a book on CBD and sex, which will be out in bookstores in Summer 2020. She is ecstatic to be rolling out hand sex and dirty talk online courses through Elevated Intimacy Academy, and will soon be launching a companion podcast on iHeartRadio called Elevated Intimacy.


IG: @CannaSexual
Twitter: @TheCannaSexual