Candid by Tommy O photography

Candid  by Tommy O photography I love scrolling through photos from shoots and find one that makes me laugh because it is so natural and not posed.   Happy Mistress.  Happy slave.  

Serving Me

Have you ever imagined what it means to serve Me and how your service pleases Me? Listen below for your instructions. And when you are ready, you may contact Me.    


Outtakes I don’t normally post the “funny” pictures from behind the scene. But as I’m scanning and editing recent content for, I had to stop and chuckle at this one.  Ashley Renee and I have worked together so much that we have a really easy connection with each other.  You can tell by the…

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Another great image by Tommy O photography featuring Syren Latex   Its always nice when you can connect with a photographer and images like this come out.  I’ve shot with very few photographers in my career because once I found one that I liked and felt comfortable with, I usually stuck with them.  Expect more…

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My Proteges

Protege – pro·té·gé    (pro’t?-zha’, pro’t?-zha’) n.   One whose welfare, training, or career is promoted by an influential person. I  feel an obligation to the community and to submissive men around the  world to offer My expertise and insight in training the next generation of Top Dommes! I have just posted the next dates for the …

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Isabella’s Birthday Message

A big “thank you” for all the birthday gifts and wishes this year. It has been a busy and fabulous year for Me, with lots of changes and more to come! I truly appreciate the adoration and respect from My fans and I look forward to another great year. Now, here is a little peak…

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