Isabella Sinclaire is all over SPIKE TV.

If you missed them when they aired, here are a few links!


“1000 ways to die” 

I  had many unanswered questions regarding the 1000 ways to die.  Although  I think this was an unfortunate accident, I, by no means, pointed the  finger only at the Domina involved.

As a Pro, why would you  ever put a new client in a latex catsuit unless that was something he  wanted to explore? Those things are really expensive and very fragile.

And,  it takes a lot of time to put a latex catsuit on so I would think that  the client would have felt some discomfort during the process,  especially if he had that severe of an allergy.

Of course, the  network didn’t have the full reports of the events for me to look at but  being inquisitive by nature, I did ask. 😉

The moral to the story… COMMUNICATION!  If you’re a sub, don’t be afraid to communicate your concerns and/or  interest.  If your a domme, don’t be afraid to ask how it feels or to incorporate a safe word. Sometime things will happen beyond our control  but minimizing the risks are our responsibly, both the domme and the  sub!

But just for the record. I don’t watch much of TV but I love this show!   “1000 Ways to Die”   is a new favorite!