With no indication as to when the Safer at Home mandates will be lifted, I’ve made it easy to continue your training remotely. One on one training is my favorite and I’m sure it is yours too but we will get through this together. Stay safe. Stay strong. And Serve.


One on one phone training:  
20 minutes = $80
30 minutes = $100

Skype training in casual clothing:
20 minutes = $100
30 minutes = $120

Skype training in fetish clothing (requests accepted):
20 minutes = $120
30 minutes = $140

Customized training videos:
8 minute (approx.)  instructional video including your interests with wardrobe requests.  Delivered via wetransfer within 24 hours = $100

Payment option:

I accept many online forms of payment which will be discussed upon request. 

Filling out a session application prior to our training is useful in all of these training options.