In the Public Eye


Isabella is one of the most recognizable faces to represent the Fetish Community in mainstream media. When it comes to being a positive spokeswomen, she takes on the task of educating the masses when a sense of grace and sophistication.

Here is a partical list of the most notable appearances:

Spike TV’s “Manswers” Fall 2008

HBO’s Pornicopia Fall 2008

Key Lecturer at UCLA’s Department of Psychology Human Sexuality Seminar’s 2004-2006

Hurt Burt: On FX cable. Isabella was chosen to hurt Bert and She gladly accepted. Aired: Fall 2003 / Spring 2004.

Fox News expose on the Profession of Roleplay 2002

HBO: Featured in various documentaries since the early nineties including Sex Bytes, Real Sex, etc.

Dr. Susan Block Show: Featured as special guest in spring 2003.

Sexcetera: Featured on over four different episodes.

Wild on Jamaica: E entertainment caught Isabella vacationing in Jamaica for a fetish event.

Naked NY with Bob Berkowitz: Special guest in spring 2003.

Documentaries: Isabella has been interviewed for more than a dozen independent documentaries for the U.S., Europe and Japan. Most have aired and they occasionally pop up on television here and there.