Ellismania 14 – Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

I joined the Jason Ellis squad of beautiful people for a bit of fun during his Ellismania 14 event on September 30th.  This was the first Ellismania I’ve attended and it was an honor to be able to perform during the fights.  If you don’t know what this event is, in a nutshell, I would call it MMA comedy.  The fights are real but not conventional.  My personal favorite was the dodge ball free for all.  Basically 100’s of balls were delivered to the audience and 4 fighters had to duke it out while being hit by the balls.  It was truly hilarious.  I’d recommend this event to anyone who enjoys a good laugh at the expense of others getting pummeled.   You can see the full event on Jason’s site.  https://officialjasonellis.com/


All photos are by Graeme and available HERE